These Photos Will Get You Right-Swiped

Curious as to a 'perfect formula' for your profile photos? At Matchsmith, we've got the details.

The New York-based team at the Hinge dating app analysed 1000 of their user photos - if you don't know already, Hinge's tagline is "the relationship app" with a Facebook-info focus (even displaying your mutual friends!) and tagging capabilities for more ways to match - and what did they find?

For women - they found the likes came in for hair up and off the face, a gaze that's looking off-camera, a solo shot (no busy cocktail-Friday photos) and smiling with your pearly whites showing.

For men, you'll want to also frame yourself alone, but with a straightforward gaze and a closed-mouth smile.

Oh, and if you've uploaded a gallery's-worth of shots of yourself at the beach, think again - you could expect a serious decrease in likes, where an athletic shot has a better chance of success.

Why might this be? We've all become jaded with a "basic" range of photos we expect, and this definitely includes a beach/swimwear shot, so it may be that we are filtering for generic profiles.

My Matchsmith recommendations for a perfect profile shot are as follows: take the time and go pro if you need to - you'll be surprised at just how much better we all photograph at the hand of a photographer with some serious kit (and this comes down to the science of how iPhone lenses can distort our features). If you are comfortable taking your own shot, make an effort in your grooming and keep snapping until you have at least 20 to narrow down (picking 1-2 of your favourites).

Most importantly, study photographs of yourself and learn your angles - it's not just for models, and once you know how to work the camera, you'll have no trouble getting that killer opening shot for your profile.

Will you be trying these profile photo tips? Let us know in the comments.

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